As seen in the November-January issue of Little Treasures magazine.

North Shore Times, May 5, 2016

Link to review by Vickie Humphries


Review by Ann Adams, Junior team leader - literacy, Red Hill Primary School:

"I'd just like to say how my much my children enjoyed your picture book.  They were engaged from the minute I started reading to the very end.  They really enjoyed the rhyme as all children enjoy listening to books written in rhyme.  It is so much easier to capture their attention if there is a beat and rhythm to the story.  They also loved your very detailed illustrations. The children I work with have extremely limited preschool experiences and your story was able to tap into their prior knowledge through the use of the tooth fairy, Santa and the Easter bunny of which they have all had some experience to differing degrees.

It would be great to have a resource pack for early readers as I plan to revisit your story.  I am focusing heavily on developing oracy at present and your story would be great to further their ideas through possibly their own magic carpet ride."