It's finished! (I think).

I’m about to send my proofs offshore to the printer. If writing this little book was easy, illustrating quite fun and relaxing, well, the getting it ready for publishing part was none of those things.

Aaaargh, layout in InDesign, fonts, proofing, attention to details and all the technical stuff, took me ages. Thank God for YouTube for troubleshooting my software issues. I roped in kind friends to proof read. I might be a sub-editor, but you can NEVER be too sure.

I got an eagle-eyed graphic designer friend to check my layout, margins, bleeds and colours (she found loads of splotches on the backgrounds of my illustrations that needed cleaning up). She showed me how to prepare a mask for the printer for when you want a glossy layer on parts of the cover page. It’s called a spot UV. I ended up using my TV as a computer screen to look for errors more easily - my laptop screen is tiny.

Anyway, it’s done, and I managed to do all the steps from writing, illustrating to pre-print. When I have a few of these under my belt, I’ll feel like a proper indy publisher.

Time for a celebratory coffee!



Shiree SchumacherComment