Book in progress... (2/3)

This post is about how I started the creation process. I don’t consider myself an authority on this - I did one course in illustrating children’s books and have published one story. I make stuff up as I go along, but maybe there are some ideas here which might inspire you to create a kids’ book yourself one day!

Once I’d written the story, (that was the quick part of all of this!) I broke it up into pages and figured which illustrations go with which lines of text. I haven’t put any thought into text layout at this stage. It’s just which (rough) sketches go with which lines of text.. You can hand write the words of course, but I photoshopped the text in because I can barely read my own writing haha.

I downloaded this handy template (saves making my own – I hate using rulers!) from I’m choosing a square-page format. The first pages on the template are taken up with the cover and then inside cover, dedication or title and publisher pages. My last book started on page 4, this one I’m starting on page 2. I might need to reshuffle pictures/text on pages later but as long as there are 24, it’s all good.

When you are creating a picture book, you need to fit it into a multiple of 8 pages for the book-binding process. So, if you have a 21-page story, the nearest is 24, so you’ll just have some blanks at the beginning or end you can use for another purpose.

Right now, the working title is “What will it be?” Maybe I’ll come up with something better – maybe I won’t! I’ve found through the book readings I’ve done at schools with The Hunt for Polar One, it’s really good to ask the little listeners questions to keep them attentive. I used to just ask a question before I turned the page, but this time I’ve incorporated questions into the story.

In one of the next blogs, I’ll show you the first line of text and semi-finished picture and how I illustrated it…


booklayout (2).jpg