Story time with Granny!

When I wrote this story, it was intended to be a snuggle up, read-out-loud, kind of tale. There is something special about reading a story out loud. Sure, it’s harder to find the time and energy to read to kids these days - our lives are getting busier and screens take over their attention. But I work with preschoolers every week, and despite the fact that we are entrenched in the digital age, children are still drawn to books and will readily clamber up onto a sofa for a good old-fashioned story time.

So, I’m very excited to share with you an ENTIRE BOOK reading of The Hunt for Polar One by Scottish Granny. Now I emphasis “Scottish” Granny because I think she has the best accent around - West Highland to be exact. You see, I wrote this story, so that it rhymed in many accents - not only the Antipodean, American and English ones but also Scottish (although, I haven’t tested Irish yet). The universal rhyming took a bit of ‘word smithing’! So here is Granny in her glory. This video can also be found at Please share with any littlies you think might like a bedtime story tonight. Ah, and this was posted a good year before the other Scottish granny (Wonkey Donkey) got famous. You can’t beat the Scottish grannies!

With lots of love from me x